Session Expiration

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As you are nearing expiration of a session based on your Organization's Session duration setting, a countdown timer begins and the Session Expiration popup window appears, prompting you to activate the Continue button to extend the session. The actual system notification message will read, "Your session may have expired. Activate Continue to re-establish your session."

Extension Limit Note:The time limit for choosing to extend the session is 2 minutes (the time the countdown clock starts at on the screen).

To extend your session:

  1. On the Session Expiration warning popup box, activate the Continue button.
  2. Continue with your accessibility testing as desired.

After Expiration

After a default (or previously specified) period of inactivity has passed, axe Auditor alerts you via the Session Expiration popup window.

You will be re-directed to the standard 'Sign in' dialog box, prompting you to first enter your Email and activate a NEXT button to continue, then enter a Password and SUBMIT button on a subsequent dialog box.

For complete details, refer to the Signing In topic.

Note - You Won't Lose Your Place! Even after expiration, after signing in again, the page you left off on when the session expired will be displayed automatically.