Signing In

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The process for logging in to axe Auditor employs a dialog box with standard Username and Password text entry fields with a SIGN IN button.

Single Sign-On Notes: The following procedure uses 'Deque' as the organization for demonstration purposes only. In the event that your unique implementation of axe Auditor involves Single Sign-On (SSO), the process will be a seamless one, and the following steps still apply. The only difference would be that your organization name will appear in place of Deque as the "realm" that is signed in to.

To log in to axe Auditor:

  1. In your browser's Address bar field, enter the URL for axe Auditor (for example,, then press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  2. On the 'Sign in to Deque' dialog box, enter your e-mail address in the Username or Email text entry box field.
  3. Activate the NEXT button.
  4. In the Password field, type (or paste in from virtual clipboard) your password.
  5. Activate the SUBMIT button.

Note: In addition to the Welcome <Your Name> heading and a brief application description, when you have test runs that have been assigned to you, the user's dashboard screen displays the Your Test Runs section, and similarly, when test runs with flags have been assigned to you, you will see the Test Runs with Flags section on the user's dashboard screen. Lastly, the right sidebar menu will always display handy links to enable you to learn more about accessibility as you use the product.

For information about how to proceed with using the user's dashboard screen, see Home.