User Interface Orientation

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Generally, the user interface of axe Auditor has three regions that include static header and footer regions at the top and bottom of each page and a dynamic body (content) region in the vertical center. In each you can expect the following types of content and features to be present.

the top (header), middle (body), and bottom (footer) regions of the user interface called out with labels

Header (static)

  • Main Horizontal Menu
    • Home
    • Test Cases
    • Test Runs
  • Help (?) Button
  • Account Menu

Body (dynamic)

  • Constants
    • Breadcrumb Trail Links
    • Screen Title Headings
  • Variables
    • Tabbed Sections
    • Paginated, Filterable, Sortable Tables
    • Action Command Buttons
    • Popup Window Modal Dialog Boxes
    • Expandable/Collapsible Information Sections

Footer (static)

  • Product Versioning
  • Copyright Year
  • Give Feedback link