Viewing Test Runs for a Test Case

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From the Test Runs column of the Test Cases page, you can use the # links to view the Test Runs screen, filtered for a particular Test Case row. This allows you to quickly view a page of key information about each run associated with a particular test case, from which you can take further action or "drill down" to view additional details.

To view test run(s) for a test case from the Test Cases screen:

  1. In the Test Runs column of the test case row you want to view the test runs for, click the number link. view test runs

The Test Runs screen appears, with a filter applied for the Test Case: test runs filtered by test case

  1. From the Test Runs screen, you are then able to view key test run information at a glance, apply various additional filters to customize the view, and take various actions depending on the status of each run.

    For complete details about using the Test Runs screen, see Test Runs.