Welcome to axe Auditor

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Are you an Accessibility Specialist, and struggling to keep up?

  1. You have too many developers to support?
  2. Worried about missing WCAG requirements?
  3. Finding it too difficult to train other testers?
  4. Spending too much time managing and creating reports?

Axe Auditor is a simple, integrated tool that helps you check your digital properties (including websites, mobile apps, and documents) for accessibility conformance. Within the axe suite of products, it is the primary application used for manual testing of web pages and components.

Targeted at organizations that are already testing for accessibility for at least one project, axe Auditor is designed to accommodate multiple accessibility project teams with varying levels of accessibility testing and remediation maturity.

Using axe Auditor, you can:

  • Generate and review accessibility checklists
  • Perform guided evaluations using testing procedures tailored for non-accessibility experts
  • Capture issues manually, export and share results
  • Provide developers with clear issue explanations, steps to reproduce and test issues, and detailed remediation advice with programming examples

Axe Auditor allows experienced website testing professionals to perform accessibility assessments to a level approaching that of an accessibility professional.

With axe Auditor, your current QA teams have the ability to add accessibility testing into the release cycle. By providing guided and detailed, multi-platform accessibility testing tools, it allows your existing business analysts and functional testers to realize faster release cycles at a lower cost, even with minimal accessibility experience.

As is the case with all Deque applications, the documentation of the testing methodology, guideline interpretation, and remediation guidance is tightly integrated with the user interface to enable users to gain expert knowledge as they use the application to perform accessibility assessments.