axe-core 4.8.4

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Release Notes

This release should not result in different issue numbers. For TypeScript users, an error in type definitions has been corrected. This release could require a correction to how axe-core types are used. This release may change selectors on elements with the xmlns attribute, as the selectors axe-core prosed with those was invalid. Deduplication based on selectors between this and and prior versions of axe-core can fail because of this change.

Bug Fixes

  • Add LICENSE-3RD-PARTY.txt file (#4304) (139c553)
  • avoid reading element-specific node properties of non-element node types (#4317) (a2a6935), closes #4316 #4316
  • d.ts: RawNodesResult issues (#4229) (f105266)
  • d.ts: RunOptions.reporter can be any string (#4218) (80de793)
  • utils/get-selector: ignore 'xmlns' attribute when generating a selector (#4303) (8c68546)

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Product Impacts


Each product has a separate axe-core version rollout process. The information below describes the impacts of this axe-core release once it is pulled into the given product.

axe Auditor

No meaningful impacts.

axe DevTools APIs and CLI

No meaningful impacts.

axe DevTools Extension

No meaningful impacts.

axe Monitor

No meaningful impacts.

axe Reports

No meaningful impacts.