axe-core 4.9.0

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Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Add LICENSE-3RD-PARTY.txt file (#4304) (daa0fe6)
  • add Object.values polyfill for node <=6 (#4274) (5eb867b)
  • aria-required-children: avoid confusing aria-busy message in failures (#4347) (591607d), closes #fail13 #4340
  • avoid reading element-specific node properties of non-element node types (#4317) (b853b18), closes #4316 #4316
  • color-contrast: handle text that is outside overflow: hidden ancestor (#4357) (bdb7300), closes #4253
  • color-contrast: support color blend modes hue, saturation, color, luminosity (#4365) (7ae4761)
  • d.ts: RawNodesResult issues (#4229) (d660518)
  • d.ts: RunOptions.reporter can be any string (#4218) (e53f5c5)
  • i18n: update Italian translations (#4377) (4d65d4b)
  • listitem: clarify roleNotValid message (#4374) (0f8a9af)
  • scrollable-region-focusable: missing wcag213 tag (#4201) (0080a72)
  • target-size: always pass 10x targets (avoid perf bottleneck) (#4376) (be327c4)
  • target-size: do not crash for nodes with many overlapping widgets (#4373) (1dbea83), closes #4359 #4359 #4360
  • utils/get-selector: ignore 'xmlns' attribute when generating a selector (#4303) (938b411)

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Product Impacts


Each product has a separate axe-core version rollout process. The information below describes the impacts of this axe-core release once it is pulled into the given product.

axe Auditor

No meaningful impacts.

axe DevTools APIs and CLI

No meaningful impacts.

axe DevTools Extension

No meaningful impacts.

axe Monitor

No meaningful impacts.

axe Reports

No meaningful impacts.