axe-core 4.9.1

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Release Notes

This release addresses a number of false positives, which may result in fewer issues reported. It also prevents a problem where axe-core wouldn't load on pages due to a conflict with a long-ago deprecated javascript library.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent errors when loading axe in a page with prototype.js
  • aria-allowed-attr: allow meter role allowed aria-* attributes on meter element (#4435) (7ac6392)
  • aria-allowed-role: add gridcell, separator, slider and treeitem to allowed roles of button element (#4398) (4788bf8)
  • aria-roles: correct abstract roles (types) for aria-roles(#4421)
  • aria-valid-attr-value: aria-controls & aria-haspopup incomplete (#4418)
  • fix building axe-core translation files with region locales (#4396) (5c318f3), closes #4388
  • invalidrole: allow upper and mixed case role names (#4358) (105016c), closes #2695
  • isVisibleOnScreen: account for position: absolute elements inside overflow container (#4405) (2940f6e), closes #4016
  • label-content-name-mismatch: better dismiss and wysiwyg symbolic text characters (#4402)
  • region: Decorative images ignored by region rule (#4412)
  • target-size: ignore descendant elements in shadow dom (#4410) (6091367)
  • target-size: pass for element that has nearby elements that are obscured (#4422) (3a90bb7), closes #4387

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Product Impacts


Each product has a separate axe-core version rollout process. The information below describes the impacts of this axe-core release once it is pulled into the given product.

axe Auditor

No meaningful impacts.

axe DevTools APIs and CLI

No meaningful impacts.

axe DevTools Extension

No meaningful impacts.

axe Monitor

No meaningful impacts.

axe Reports

No meaningful impacts.