December 5, 2022


  • Adds new Table IGT
  • Notify users of extension updates with notification in extension linking to release notes (how you likely got here!)
  • Allow users to enable experimental accessibility rules (Settings > Rules and issue settings > Enable Experimental Rules)

Bug Fixes

  • Truncates excessively long accessible names to 500 characters in IGTs
  • Hides "Pro" controls in firefox extension (where Pro features are unavailable)
  • Removes "impact" from issue export for "needs review" issues
  • Supports running Keyboard IGT in scoped iframes
  • Improves keyboard focus detection on pages with smooth scrolling
  • Prevent images igt from crashing on SVGs with text nodes

Known Issues

  • Cross-domain iframes have limited support. Limitations include:
    • highlighting issues within cross-domain iframes
    • selecting elements within cross-domain iframes
    • running IGTs within cross-domain iframes
  • Using the keyboard shortcuts can result in display of the old UI (issue #2990)
  • Some keyboard shortcuts no longer work (issue #2991)
  • Tutorial Pointouts do not show up when first installing the extension and also when “Reset Tutorial Pointouts” is clicked in the settings (issue #2989)