April 11, 2023


  • Adds new JUnit XML export format
  • Adds informative disclaimer that table IGT does not support ARIA grids/tables (role=grid / role=table)
  • Adds new Offline Mode enterprise feature

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent non-active arrow-key widget elements from being identified as skipped tab stops in keyboard IGT
  • Skip "valid language" question in Structure IGT when lang attribute value is invalid to begin with

    Is the majority of the content on this page in undefined?

Known Issues

  • Cross-domain iframes have limited support. Limitations include:
    • highlighting issues within cross-domain iframes
    • selecting elements within cross-domain iframes
    • running IGTs within cross-domain iframes
  • Using the keyboard shortcuts can result in display of the old UI (issue #2990)
  • Some keyboard shortcuts no longer work (issue #2991)