April 21, 2023


  • Adds new question to handle invisible input tab stops with visual alternatives
  • Allow selecting the of region role in Interactive Elements IGT to support focusable scrollable regions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes highlight positioning in nested iframes with borders
  • Fixes issue caused by attempting to screenshot an element with 0 height/width
  • Omits aria-hidden="true" headings from the Structure IGT question about descriptive headings

Known Issues


We are actively working on support for cross-domain iframes. These limitations should be removed within the next few releases.

  • Cross-domain iframes have limited support. Limitations include:
    • highlighting issues within cross-domain iframes
    • selecting elements within cross-domain iframes
    • running IGTs within cross-domain iframes
  • Using the keyboard shortcuts can result in display of the old UI (issue #2990)
  • Some keyboard shortcuts no longer work (issue #2991)