February 2023 Release


Usage Service, Android Dialog Scanning, Vision Color Contrast & Analytics!

axe DevTools Mobile is launching Usage Service support allowing you to track tool adoption. Check out the guides to get started with Usage Service on iOS or Android.

We've also included analytics to help us build a better product. The implementation of these analytics adheres to the Deque Privacy Policy, personally identifiable information will not be collected, and the data is anonymized.

axe DevTools for Android now supports scanning dialogs of XML layouts in both manual and automated tests.

axe DevTools UIKit for iOS now uses Apple's Vision API to better detect text, and images of text, for the Color Contrast algorithm to enhance the accuracy of results.

Check out the release notes for the full details of all the great updates.

November 2022 Release


Experimental rules, a login screen, and an optimized automation build!

The axe DevTools Mobile team is excited to announce some new features. Experimental rules introduce a new concept that provides rule results as beta until they can be better refined. A new login screen in both iOS and Android frameworks allows an end-user to log in to the framework and run scans with their user in manual testing mode. Lastly, we're also launching an optimized automation build for iOS and Android which will not require authentication or other network requests (only available in Artifactory).

There are also new rules launching on iOS and Android as well as some great bug fixes. Check out the release notes for the full details of all the exciting updates.

Android Security Patch & Dashboard Improvements


axe DevTools Mobile 0.25.2 and Android library 2.2.0 is now available!

The Android team released 2.2.0 which brings custom rule support for Compose layouts, a disconnect API to reset the network connection as needed, and a security patch by updating RetroFit from version 2.4.0 to 2.9.0.

The axe DevTools Dashboard team released 0.25.2 bringing some design and layout updates, as well as some bug fixes.

Android & iOS Minor Release


Launching new rules on iOS and improvements on Android

For iOS and Android frameworks, we've reviewed the impact levels and WCAG success criteria for each rule. You may see slight changes in reporting results through the number of critical, serious, etc issues that have been identified. Impact levels for each rule are now documented for iOS and Android's XML or Compose rules.

axe DevTools for iOS is releasing axeDevToolsUIKit 3.1.0 with two new rules: Screen Title and Screen Orientation. axeDevToolsXCUI 2.1.0 will launch with the Screen Title rule. Minimum Xcode support for both frameworks has been bumped up to Xcode 12.5.1.

axe DevTools for Android 2.1.1 is releasing the capabilities to delete a scan for Compose views, a fix for connecting to the framework from Java, and improvements to the ActiveViewName rule. Due to false positives in Android's Inactive Accessible View rule, results will be automatically marked as "IGNORED". They can still be viewed using the Issue Status dropdown in the dashboard. We are actively working to reduce false positives generated by this rule and will reinstate it in a future release.

Android Library Minor Release


axe DevTools Android v2.1.0 is now available

This release adds APIs for feature parity with iOS including ignoring a rule completely and deleting a scan. It also fixes a bug with setting the scan name.

Due to false positives in the Hidden Active View Focus and Hidden Informative View Focus, results from these rules will be automatically marked as "IGNORED". They can still be viewed using the Issue Status dropdown in the dashboard. We are actively working to reduce false positives generated by these rules and will reinstate them in a future release.

Authentication Server Shutdown


Deprecated authentication server to be shut down 07/01/2022

Anyone using axe DevTools Mobile since the August 2021 release will be unaffected by the shutdown of the previously used authentication server on July 1st, 2022. The product migrated to Deque's Single Sign-On system with the August 2021 release. For specific component versions, please see the release notes.

June 2022 Release


Launching an API refresh, features and rule support.

axe DevTools Mobile is excited to announce the release of axe-devtools-android v2.0.1, axeDevToolsUIKit (formally Attest-iOS) v3.0.0, and axeDevToolsXCUI v2.0.0.

Release highlights:

Including a rebrand, we've rehauled the API in each framework for a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

In addition to username/password authentication, API Key support has launched for a more seamless team or CI/CD integration.

The Android library and axeDevToolsUIKit framework on iOS have improved Color Contrast detection.

Sample applications for iOS and Android are now available publicly.

Frameworks are now available publicly via Maven Central and Swift Package Manager for all Deque Customers and free trial members.

iOS now offers two new rules: Inaccessible Action in axeDevToolsUIKit and Meaningful Accessible Name available in both frameworks.

A new documentation site is now publicly available at docs.deque.com. Every page was updated and reorganized to offer the utmost clarity in exploring all axe DevTools Mobile offers. Documentation for previous versions will remain available at mobile-docs.deque.com for a limited time.

Check out the release notes for more details on these significant updates.