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Admin users in Deque University can assign graded exams to users, with deadlines for completing the exams. Each graded exam corresponds to either a course or to a collection of courses.

Exam Availability

  • Courses with corresponding exams:
    • Fast Track to Accessibility for Non-Technical Roles
    • Fast Track to Accessibility for Designers
    • Fast Track to Accessibility for Document Creators
    • Mobile App Accessibility Fundamentals
    • Android Accessibility Features
    • iOS Accessibility Features
  • Learning Paths (collections of courses) with corresponding exams:
    • Web Accessibility

Strategies for Using Exams

Admins can use the graded exams as an integral part of an accessibility training and skills building program. Here are the main use cases for the graded exams:

  • Pre-test: Before taking the courses
  • Post-test: After finishing the courses
  • Test out of courses: Learners can show their accessibility knowledge

Threshold to Pass an Exam

The threshold for passing an exam is set at 75%.

Assigning Exams

Admins can assign exams to users in the Admin Dashboard under the Exams tab. It is possible to select multiple users and assign exams to all selected users at the same time.

Exam Notifications

Both the learner and the Admin User will receive email notifications of upcoming exams, overdue exams, and of exam results once a learner takes the exam.

Exam Results

The exam results are displayed in a table in the Admin Dashboard in the Exam tab. Clicking through to the Details page shows more information about a specific exam instance. In the case of some exams, exam performance is broken down into subcategories, and a pass/fail designation is shown for each subcategory.