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Learning paths are a collection of courses, presented in a specific order, intended for a specific user or for a set of users who could all benefit from learning the same things. Admins can assign learning paths within the "Subscriptions/Learning Paths" tab in the Admin Dashboard.

Future enhancements to learning paths will include the integration of exams, deadlines, and various options for task completion criteria logic.

Built-in Learning Paths

Deque University has built-in learning paths based on topics, such as:

  • Web Accessibility
  • Document Accessibility
  • Native Mobile App Accessibility
  • Customer Service for People with Disabilities
  • Accessibility Program Management
  • Accessibility for Designers

Customers with a Full Access subscription will see all of these learning paths on the member page after logging in to Deque University. Each built-in learning path is shown in a separate table.

Custom Learning Paths

It is possible to set up custom learning paths by working with a Deque University representative. You can choose the name of the Learning Path, the courses within it, and the order the courses are listed.

Note: it is NOT yet possible to set up custom learning paths on your own, though that will be possible in the future. Contact us to set up your custom learning paths with you.

Usually custom learning paths are based on the type of learner, or on common tasks, such as on-boarding for new employees. Some examples of learning paths could be things like:

  • Learning Path for Sales Team
  • Learning Path for Executives
  • Learning Path for Business Analysts
  • Learning Path for Human Resources
  • Learning Path for New Employees
  • Etc.

Filter Progress Reports by Learning Paths

Admin Users can filter course progress reports by learning paths, from within the Progress Report tab in the dashboard.