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SCORM Exports

All Deque University courses are available to integrate into your learning management system (LMS) by downoading and then importing SCORM-compatible files. The Deque University courses are packaged according to the SCORM 1.2 specification. SCORM exports are available only for team/organization Full Access subscribers, and there is an additional fee to use the SCORM exports. The exports of the courses are available in two options:

  • All-in-one: all files, including images and videos, are included in the download. In some cases there are multiple versions of video files, for maximum compatibility with user systems.
  • Deque University media server: The download includes only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. All media files are hosted on the Deque University media server.

Note: Your Deque Account Executive or Engagement Manager will provide you with the link to download the SCORM courses.

Pros and Cons of SCORM Exports of Deque University Courses

  • Pros
    • SCORM courses can be integrated into your learning management system.
    • Users can log in with their workplace credentials.
    • The reporting features of your learning management system are available to report on course progress
    • Maximum data privacy and security: Deque has no access to your user data.
  • Cons
    • The Deque University Admin dashboard is not available.
    • Graded exams are not available.
    • Searching across all courses is not available (unless your learning management system supports that ability).
    • Future updates must be downloaded, then imported, rather than being automatic as they are on the Deque University website.