Set up your Nexus

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Configuring your Nexus repository to connect to Deque's Agora artifact repository

Follow these steps when you want to connect to Deque's Agora artifact repository from your Nexus instance. Setting up this authenticated remote repository within Nexus allows your users to access axe DevTools components through your own software distribution network.


You must have Agora login credentials as well as admin credentials to your Nexus instance to configure this repository connectioon.

Accessing Agora API Key

To begin, sign into Agora, click the welcome button in the top right corner to take you to the profile page. Here you can copy your API key.

Connecting to Agora

  1. Sign in to your Nexus Repository Manager with your admin credentials.
  2. Select server administration and configuration (a blue cog icon) in the header of Nexus repository manager. The repository administration page should display with the left sidebar refreshed to display the Administration menu.
  3. Select repositories (manage repositories) to display the repositories page.
  4. Select create repository at the top of the repositories page.
  5. The repositories page should display a listing of recipes. Select a proxy version of the language you wish to use axe DevTools with in the select recipes table.
  6. The create repository: page should display a form. We recommend the default settings besides the following:
    1. Remote storage location for axe DevTools:
      1. NPM:
      2. Maven:
      3. NuGet:
      4. Gems:
      5. Pip:
    2. Verify selection of the authentication box and note that the authentication type menu displays the 'Username' list option in the HTTP section.
    3. Enter the email address you used to log into Agora as the username and the API key you copied as the password
  7. Select Create repository at the bottom left corner of the create repository: npm (proxy) page.
  8. If successful, a message will display indicating remote repository creation.