Welcome to axe DevTools Pro

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Thank you for choosing Deque. We’re very excited to have you onboard and equally excited to get your team started with axe DevTools Pro!

Axe DevTools Pro starts with our lightweight browser extension for automated testing and extends it with the following capabilities:

  • Component-level testing ("Scan part of my page")
  • Intelligent Guided Testing™ with machine learning
  • Automatic Color Contrast tool
  • Export, save, and share issues
  • Rules and standards control

All of these Pro capabilities are available to all Pro, Enterprise and trial/evaluation users.

To get started, install the browser extension in Chrome or Edge:

To get more familiar with axe DevTools Pro, watch the video below!

Learn more with our axe DevTools Pro video playlist

Frequently Asked Questions

I just installed the extension, how do I get started?

Open up developer tools in your browser and click the tab titled “axe DevTools.”

How do I perform a scan?

With “axe DevTools” open in the developer tools, click the “Scan ALL of my page” button. Pro users will also have access to “Scan Part of my page” which will perform a scan only on the user-selected component.

What are “Intelligent Guided Tests” and how do I use them?

Intelligent Guided Tests, or IGTs, walk you through testing the more complicated areas of accessibility without needing any accessibility experience or expertise. By asking a series of simple questions, IGTs will do the heavy lifting for you and raise issues that would otherwise take a deep understanding of accessibility rules and criteria.

To start an IGT, open the extension and select whichever IGT you would like to run in the “Start an Intelligent Guided Test” section. Alternatively, once you save your scan results, you will be able to start any IGT from the saved test screen.

Can I export data?

Yes! This is a standard axe DevTools Pro function. Export data from the scan results screen or, for saved tests, the issues view. Once you are viewing results/issues, click the “Export” button to either export issues or an entire saved test. For issue exports, both CSV and JSON formats are supported while exporting a saved test can only be exported as JSON.

Can I share an issue?

Sharing a specific issue can be done from the scan results screen or, for saved tests, the issues view. Clicking the “Share issue” button will generate a unique page for the given issue and copy its link to the clipboard. From there, you can send the link to a teammate or paste it into your issue tracking system! The shared issue page is public and does not require a Pro account to view.


The axe DevTools Extension includes multiple subscription provisioning, making user set-up and management simple and straight-forward.

User Management

Administrators can manage users on the “USER MANAGEMENT” page. This also includes managing access to any Deque product they have purchased and assigning appropriate roles to users.

axe DevTools Manage User Page

Adding Users

To add users to a given product, click the “ADD USERS” button and select the product in the dropdown menu. From there, enter a comma-separated list of email addresses in the text area who will be granted “General Access” to the product as well as their individual axe account. These users will be sent an email informing them that they’ve been given access to their specific product.

Editing Users

To edit a user, click the “Edit” (pencil icon) button within the User Management table. From here admins can manage the given user’s access to each product and grant “General Access” or “Admin” privileges.

axe DevTools Edit User Page

Configuration by Policy

The axe DevTools Extension can be configured by policy which enables administrators to precisely control extension configuration options. Learn more about configuration here.