Share Saved Test Record

Link to Share Saved Test Record copied to clipboard

Sharing a saved test record is a powerful feature of axe DevTools Pro that allows users to share a report of their entire saved test. Similar to the share issue feature, a rich HTML report hosted in the axe Account Portal web application is generated for the given saved test.

The shared saved test report is a live representation of a saved test performed in the axe DevTools Browser Extension. It contains a breakdown of all issues found in a saved test both automatically and through Intelligent Guided Testing (IGT). In addition, there is a granular breakdown of IGTs where you can review data from each tool.

This shared test report also contains links to a brand new filterable issues view where users can see issues according to a wide array of filter criteria. This rich issues view supports viewing issues by impact, IGT, method of testing (automatic or guided), and more. The view enables users to share a single issue as well as a report of a set of issues they can use to configure filter criteria.

Lastly, users can also share all issues within a shared saved test automatically. This means that once a test is shared, all of its issues will have a dedicated URL so that every issue within the issue export will have a populated “Share URL” field.


Shared tests can be viewed by anyone with the link unless the creator of the saved test belongs to an enterprise in which case the shared test will only be viewable by logged in users within the enterprise

How to share a saved test record

  1. Start a new scan or navigate to one of your existing shared tests. axe DevTools Extension screenshot: you must save your test to share it
  2. Save the test. Once the test is saved, the "Share Test Record" button will be enabled. axe DevTools Extension screenshot: share test record
  3. Click the "Share Test Record" button
  4. The link to the newly shared test will be copied to your clipboard axe DevTools Extension screenshot: the saved test link has been copied to your clipboard
  5. You can now open a new tab and paste the link in. You can also send this link to your teammate or boss and even attach the link to an issue or epic in your issue tracking system!

For any saved tests that are already shared, the share test button turns into a button to "Copy shared saved test link to clipboard".

axe DevTools Extension screenshot: Copy shared saved test link to clipboard


For enterprises, all newly created saved tests will be shared automatically. These saved tests can only be accessed by users logged in to your enterprise. Any preexisting saved tests will not be shared automatically but instead can be explicitly shared by following the steps above. Users do not need a Pro license to view shared tests and issues. They only need to be added to your axe account.

Viewing the shared saved test record

The shared saved test record includes an overview of the testing performed along with an additional issues view that helps users create filtered reports to track specific sets of issues. The type of axe DevTools Pro subscription the sharer has determines their access to reports. These reports will only be available to logged in users within your organization for enterprise customers and customers who have purchased more than one license online. For all other users, these reports will be available to anyone with the link.

Shared saved test record overview page

The shared saved test record overview page contains a breakdown of all testing done within a given saved test. The report includes the total number of accessibility issues found along with a breakdown of those issues by category (automatic or guided) and by impact (critical, serious, moderate, and minor). It also includes the overall testing progress for automatic testing, IGTs, and remaining manual testing. Lastly, users can view each IGT along with each of its runs and associated issues together with metadata such as testing duration, who ran the test, how many issues were found, and more.

Screenshot of shared saved test overview page

Shared saved test record issues page

The Shared Saved Test report includes a filterable issues view. When a user clicks on any of the issue links in the shared test overview, they will be taken to an issues page with filters applied based on the link that was clicked. Issues can be filtered by:

  • Category
    • Automatic
    • Guided
  • Impact
    • Critical
    • Serious
    • Moderate
    • Minor
  • Needs Review
  • Best Practices
  • IGTs
    • Table
    • Keyboard
    • Modal Dialog
    • Interactive Elements
    • Structure
    • Images
    • Forms

The applied filters are added to the URL. That way, when users click the “Copy link to clipboard” button, they keep any currently applied filters intact for enhanced shareability.

Screenshot of shared saved test overview page