Share Issue

Link to Share Issue copied to clipboard

The Share Issue feature generates a unqiue dedicated page for your specific accessibility issue. This allows you to quickly create tickets with all the information needed by a developer to be able to resolve the issue with a single click.

How it works

In the issue details panel, you will see an option to "share issue". Clicking this will copy the issue's URL to your clipboard.

What the share issue page includes

  • Issue description
  • Element information where the issue originates from including the element location and element source
  • Test Name
  • User Impact
  • When the issue was found
  • How the issue was found (automatically, via Intelligent Guided Test)
  • Issue tags which include the compliance standard the issue is raised against. This could map to multiple standards like WCAG, Section 508 etc.
  • A link to detailed help on Deque University for the issue
  • A screenshot of the issue if screenshots are enabled in your settings