axe DevTools HTML for Cypress Installation Options

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Deque offers these options to install axe DevTools HTML Cypress

Configure your artifact repository for users to download axe DevTools HTML from it

For enterprise customers, our standard option is to configure your Nexus or Artifactory instance to distribute axe DevTools HTML to your developers. This option is highly scalable and sustainable once your artifact repository can distribute axe DevTools HTML without interrupting developer workflow.

Download axe DevTools HTML from Deque's Agora artifact repository

Designed to serve enterprise customers without their own artifact repository, this option leverages Deque's internal artifact repository. With access to this repository, developers are able to access axe DevTools HTML packages with the simplicity of a much larger organization's custom artifact repository instance.

How to choose

If it isn't clear which installation option you should choose, contact your Deque representative directly, ask us via our support desk, or send us an email. We'll be happy to help you select the best option for your environment.