Install axe DevTools HTML for Playwright from Deque's Agora

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Installing the @axe-devtools/playwright package from Deque's Agora artifact repository

For customers who do not have an internal artifact repository and desire a more sustainable and scalable solution for installation than directly downloading axe DevTools, Deque makes its own artifact repository available to select customers. For information on other ways to install axe DevTools, see the guides on Installing from a Bundle or Installing from your Artifact Repository.


In order to install axe DevTools from Agora, you must have Agora login credentials. Additionally, you must have an existing NodeJS based web project to install axe DevTools within. Depending on the configuration of your testing environment, your testing library may be required as an additional dependency.

Accessing Your API Key

The simplest way to access your API key is through the Agora webapp. Once logged in, you can find yor API key by clicking on the button labeled "Welcome <your-email-address>" in the top bar next to the help button. From there you can copy your API key.

Adding Authentication

To access axe DevTools packages through NPM or Yarn, you will need to add your Agora authentication information to a ~/.npmrc file. The simplest way to do this is with a curl command.

curl -u"<your-email>":<your-api-key> ""

When executing this command, replace $your-email with your Agora login email, and replace $your-api-key with the api key you copied in the previous step. The return of the command should look like this:

_auth =<generated-auth-string>

Next, open your ~/.npmrc file for editing. Add the registry information first, then add the output from the curl command. The final product should look like this:


If you are unable to execute curl commands, you can generate your auth string by base-64 encoding <your-email>:<your-api-key> and adding the product to the ~/.npmrc file the same way as if were generated with the curl command.


To install axe DevTools Playwright in your project, run this command:

npm install @axe-devtools/playwright

If you haven't installed Playwright itself yet, you can install it with the command

npm install playwright

Next Steps

Once axe DevTools has been successfully installed in your environment, read the guide on importing and initializing.

If you have issues installing axe DevTools, contact your Deque representative directly, ask us via our support desk, or send us an email. We'll be happy to help you get up and running.