Release Notes for axe DevTools HTML 4.0 to 4.7

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Release notes for DevTools HTML APIs and CLI

Release Version Date
Version 4.7 May 12, 2023
Version 4.6 February 22, 2023
Version 4.5 December 12, 2022
Version 4.4 March 9, 2022
Version 4.3 September 27, 2021
Version 4.2 June 23, 2021
Version 4.1 February 9, 2021
Version 4.0 September 14, 2020

Pre-4.0 Versions

Deque does not support or maintain pre-4.0 versions of any API integrations or CLIs. They were deprecated upon the release of version 4.0 and went out of support in September 2021. All pre-4.0 functionality was ported into post-4.0 versions, and all packages have received significant new features enhancing coverage, speed, security, usability, and developer experience. We highly recommend any pre-4.0 (Attest) users upgrade to the latest version of axe DevTools as soon as possible.