Use Cases

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axe DevTools HTML features three core components

Each of these components compliments different use cases and testing methodologies.

1. axe DevTools HTML APIs

Our APIs are available in all major web development languages and pair with numerous web drivers and testing libraries. They enable users to integrate accessibility testing into virtually any type of automated testing suite, and are flexible enough to fit within your existing testing setups. These APIs work to scan and test for accessibility in component, functional, end to end, and any other type of automated testing you perform. They work in local, virtual, and CI/CD testing environments. If your organization has existing automated testing, our APIs enable accessibility testing to become equally automated.

2. axe DevTools HTML CLI

Our CLI presents another set of accessibility testing and automation options. The CLI can be run on-the-fly to capture accessibility scans of any URL. Additionally, spec mode allows users without existing automated testing setups to write accessibility automated test procedures and use the integrated web driver to access and scan full user flows, forms, or single page applications. It also includes an integrated reporter which can generate accessibility scan reports for user viewing or export to other platforms. This tool also works for local, virtual, and CI/CD testing.

3. axe Expert Browser Extension

Our enterprise Browser Extension has all of the same great functionality as our free axe extension, plus key features for enterprise customers like the ability to save and export your results, use alternate rulesets or custom rules, and use alternate axe-core versions. It also includes the Page Insights tool, which allows users with additional accessibility knowledge to uncover violations that are unable to be automatically tested for. The axe expert browser extension is always available in your browser extension, ready to scan any web addressable page in the click of a button.

If you aren't sure which option is right for you after reading this guide, contact your Deque representative directly, reach us via our support desk, or send us an email. We'll be happy to help.