Testing on Android with Perfecto

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Use the axe Accessibility Analyzer from the Google Play Store to manually test any app installed on a Perfecto real device for accessibility defects.


  • Perfecto Enterprise Private Cloud

First Time Setup

  1. In your Perfecto dashboard, open a real device for manual testing.

  2. Once the device loads, select the "Play Store" application.

  3. Search and install "axe Accessibility Analyzer" by Deque.

  4. Once installed, open the application and log in to your Deque account by username and password, or, copy in an API key from the axe Account Portal.

  5. Follow the prompts to allow required permissions.

When each permission has been accepted through the axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer Android app, a purple floating action button will be available on the screen. This button can be dragged around and moved so it does not interfere.

Screenshot of the Perfecto website with the axe Analyzer app open, and purple floating action button present.

Install Application to Test

With the real device of your choice open, you'll need to install the application you'd like to test.

  • If you have an .apk, you can upload to the device through the Perfecto interface. Select the "Applications" button, then "Install new". Select "Computer" to upload from your computer.

  • If you are deploying from Android Studio, select the "DevTunnel" button on Perfecto, then "Connect". Open the project for the application you'd like to test. Select the Perfecto Device to launch the app as you typically would while developing locally. If you have not installed DevTunnel before, checkout the installation guide from Perfecto for detailed instructions.

Accessibility Testing

Open the application you wish to test on your device and navigate to the screen you'd like to scan for accessibility issues. Tap the floating action button to begin the scan.

Visit the axe DevTools Mobile Dashboard to see your scans.

Test Clean Up

If using DevTunnel, select the "DevTunnel" button again to disconnect.

When you're finished with your testing session, select the "Stop" button to end your real device session with Perfecto.

Subsequent Testing

The app will remain installed in your private device instance. You may need to enable the accessibility permission again for axe DevTools Analyzer for the floating action button to appear.

If you are not using a Deque service account, be sure to log in to the app with your credentials so that you can see your scans in the dashboard. To share scans between organization members, be sure to utilize tags so that they can be easily accessed by others in your organization. Learn more on features available within the dashboard such as tagging.


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