Android Accessibility Testing in Android Studio

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axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer enables accessibility testing on any Android application built with any technology.

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  • Android Studio
  • App to test running API 24 or higher
  • App to test installed on a physical device or emulator
  • Username and Password for the axe DevTools Mobile Dashboard

The instructions below assume your Android Studio environment is already set up. If you are new to Android Studio, check out this introductory guide to get set up for app development.

Get Started

Let's walk through the first-time setup for accessibility testing using axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer Project in Android Studio.

1. Download the axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer Project from Deque's Artifactory

  1. Login to Deque's Artifactory:
    Note: When the page loads, do not search for a package. Return to this page and move on to the next step.

  2. Click this link to download the axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer project:

    If the file doesn't automatically start downloading, click the download button next to "URL to file" from the Agora site.
    Screenshot of the Agora website with URL button highlighted in pink.

  3. Once the zip file is finished downloading, extract the files to the desired location on your computer.

  4. Open the root folder in Android Studio by selecting FileOpen and selecting the project's folder.

2. Setup the Project

  1. From Android Studio, in the project navigator pane, expand app, expand src, then expand AccessibilityScan. The folders within AccessibilityScan should expand automatically, but if they don't go ahead and expand those too.

  2. Double-click the file RunScan to open it. Replace the text "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" with your axe DevTools Mobile API Key.

3. Prepare Your Device / Emulator

  1. To run a scan, your Device or Emulator should be connected to Android Studio. If running a device, you'll need to enable Developer settings.
  2. Next, the app you'd like to test must be installed on the emulator/device and running at the time of the scan. If you have access to the source code, you can run the app on an Android Emulator, or a physical device directly.

4. Run An Accessibility Scan

  1. With the app running, select the green double-arrow icon next to RunScan. This will kick off the accessibility scan against the app that is running.

You can find your scan on the axe DevTools Mobile Dashboard.

Repeat this for each screen you want to test.

You're Done!

Congratulations, you've successfully set up axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer. Visit the axe DevTools Mobile Dashboard to see your scans.

Questions? Visit Frequently Asked Questions