iOS Accessibility Testing

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axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer enables accessibility testing on any iOS or iPadOS application built with any technology.

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  • Mac
  • Xcode 14 or newer
  • iOS 14 or above
  • App to test installed on a physical device (iPhone or iPad) or simulator
  • Username and Password for the axe DevTools Mobile Dashboard

Get Started

Let's walk through the first-time setup for accessibility testing using axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer.

  1. Download axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer
  2. Prepare Your Device
  3. Set Up the Project
  4. Run an Accessibility Test

Stay Up To Date

Been a while since your last test? Take a moment to periodically fetch the latest rule engine. In Xcode select File, then Packages. Select Update to Latest Package Versions. In the left navigation window you'll briefly get a spinner letting you know it's grabbing that version for you. That's it!