Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does the app need extra permissions?

When setting up the application for the first time, you'll be prompted to give axe DevTools Mobile Analyzer permission for draw overlay and accessibility settings. Draw overlay allows the floating action button to follow you no matter the app you have open on your device. Accessibility settings allows the analyzer app to access view information within the application you are attempting to scan.


What’s a bundle identifier?

A bundle identifier is a unique identifier within Apple’s ecosystem for application identification. No two applications can have the same identifier. This includes a beta build or other variations of an application. axe DevTools Mobile uses the bundle identifier to connect and query the views’ accessibility information of the application under test.


Need to test an app from the App Store? We can grab the bundle identifier for you. Search for your application's App Store listing from a web browser and use it to find your app's Bundle ID.

What does the installed Runner Application have access to?

Only the application you’ve specified to communicate with, through adding the Bundle Identifier in the setup steps. Apple is really great at security, and uses a sandbox environment for each application you have installed on your device, no matter how that application was installed (Testflight, Xcode or App Store). The analyzer application utilizes UI Test functionality built into Xcode/Apple’s ecosystem. This is a closed-box communication to talk to an application through the bundle identifier you’ve specified in the Setup file.

Common Errors & Remediation:

If you get an error / Test Failed while testing, this section will highlight the common error messages and how to resolve them. Select the diamond-shaped red ‘x’ icon, and Xcode will open the ‘Issue Navigator’ panel on the left to highlight the specific error’s message.

  • Cannot request screenshot data because it does not exist: This is the error message you are likely to get on the first run. Run the test again to see if it resolves. If this error appears a second time, ensure you have the correct bundle identifier in place and that the application to test is open on the selected simulator/device.

  • caught error: “couldNotVerifyUser”: Login with Deque failed. Check your API key has been added to the Setup file, and is valid for axe DevTools Mobile by visiting axe Account Settings.