Text alternative does not present same info as image

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The alternative text for informative images MUST be accurately conveying the purpose of the image, and the author's intent in a way that is useful to those who cannot see the image.


People who are blind cannot see images on a page. In order to give people who cannot see an image access to the information conveyed by the image, it must have a text alternative. The text alternative must describe the information or function represented by the image. Screen readers can then use the alternative text to convey that information to the screen reader user.

For informative images - images that convey information - the alternative text must communicate the intent, purpose, or meaning of the image in a way that serves as a true alternative for the image.

How to Fix

Fix this issue by ensuring that the alternative text for the informative image describes its intent, purpose, or meaning.

<img src="sunset.jpg" alt="The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, with a silhouette of a flying seagull in the foreground">