Non-unique text alternative for image map areas

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The alternative text for the actionable <area> element of a client-side image map MUST be meaningful (accurately describing the purpose or result of the action in a way that is useful to people who cannot see the image).


When the alt attribute value of multiple <area> elements is the same, but they link to different destinations, people who cannot see the image map will not know where the links will lead. The alt attribute for each <area> element must describe the destination of the link. Screen readers can then use the alt attribute value to convey the correct link destination to the screen reader user.

How to Fix

Fix this issue by ensuring that the alt text of each <area> element conveys the destination of each image map area.

<img src="solar_sys.png" alt="Solar System" usemap="#planets"> <map name="planets"> <area shape="rect" coords="115,158,276,192" href="merc.html" alt="Mercury"> <area shape="rect" coords="115,193,276,234" href="ven.html" alt="Venus"> .... </map>