The element's role is missing or is not appropriate for the element's function.

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The name, role, value, states, and properties of user interface components MUST be programmatically determinable by assistive technologies.


Every user interface control must have a role to convey what type of control it is for screen reader and other assistive technology users. Native HTML elements - such as <button>, <a>, <input>, <select> - already have a role, so nothing more needs to be done. If you create a custom version of a native HTML element or a custom control or widget that does not have a native HTML equivalent, you must add the relevant role(s) using ARIA as well as expected keyboard interactions.

Code Examples

Good Examples:

ARIA button element:

<span role="button" class="print-btn" tabindex="0">Print</span>

ARIA checkbox element:

  <span role="checkbox" class="checkbox-aria" aria-labelledby="pepperoni" tabindex="0" aria-checked="true"></span>
  <span id="pepperoni">Pepperoni</span>

ARIA tab/tabpanel widget:

<ul role="tablist">
  <li role="tab" aria-controls="panel-perceivable" tabindex="0">Perceivable</li>
  <li role="tab" aria-controls="panel-operable" tabindex="-1">Operable</li>
  <li role="tab" aria-controls="panel-understandable" tabindex="-1">Understandable</li>
  <li role="tab" aria-controls="panel-robust" tabindex="-1">Robust</li>

Failure Examples:

Simulated button element:

<span class="print-btn">Print</span>

Simulated checkbox element:

  <span class="checkbox"></span>
  <span id="pepperoni">Pepperoni</span>

Tab/tabpanel widget:

  <div class="tab selected">Perceivable</div>
  <div class="tab unselected">Operable</div>
  <div class="tab unselected">Understandable</div>
  <div class="tab unselected">Robust</div>

How To Fix

Fix this issue by adding the appropriate, valid ARIA role or roles per the ARIA Recommendation document and the ARIA Authoring Practices document (see References below)