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Automatically moving, blinking, or scrolling content that lasts longer than 5 seconds MUST be able to be paused, stopped, or hidden by the user.


Content that moves, blinks, or scrolls - such as movies, animations, scrolling stock tickers, and real-time games - can be problematic for people who have trouble reading text quickly or tracking moving objects and people who have attention deficit disorders or other cognitive disabilities. It can also cause problems for screen readers. Such movement or animation must not last more than 5 seconds or there must be an accessible mechanism to pause, stop, or hide it. Allowing content to move for five seconds is long enough to get a user's attention, but not so long that a user cannot wait out the distraction if necessary to use the page.

How to Fix

Fix this issue by using ONE of the following techniques:

  1. Remove the <marquee> element so the text remains static.
  2. Provide an accessible mechanism to pause, stop, or hide the moving text.