Authoring tool does not preserve accessibility info

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If the authoring tool provides restructuring transformations or re-coding transformations, then accessibility information MUST be preserved in the output if equivalent mechanisms exist in the content technology of the output.


When content is created with accessible content or features (such as alternative text, heading markup, table structure, etc.) in one format, those accessible features must be preserved when converting the document to another format whenever those features are supported by the destination format.

How to Fix

To fix this issue, ensure that all accessibility related information is retained when content is converted from one format to another. For example:

a. Preserve text alternatives on images. b. Preserve heading level data. c. Preserve table structure and header data.

Note: Some formats may not support all the accessibility information contained in the original format. This requirement is to ensure that accessibility is preserved "to the extent that the information can be contained in or supported by the destination format."