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Websites and mobile applications MUST provide a regularly updated, detailed, comprehensive, and clear Accessibility Statement that meets specific requirements.


The Web Accessibility Directive requires that all public body websites and mobile applications provide a regularly updated, detailed, comprehensive and clear accessibility statement that meets specific requirements. Such a statement informs people about the challenges they may face using a website or mobile application and gives them a path to provide feedback on any accessibility barriers they may encounter and request accessible alternatives.

How to Fix

Fix this issue by providing an Accessibility Statement on your website or mobile application download site that is WCAG 2.1 AA conformant and contains all of the following content:

General Information:

  • A statement of commitment to making content accessible in accordance with applicable legislation
  • The scope of the content covered by the Accessibility Statement
  • Status of compliance, for example: fully compliant, partially compliant, or not compliant
  • A description of the parts of the content that are not accessible
  • The reasons for the non-compliance
  • Where appropriate, the accessible alternatives provided
  • Date the statement was prepared
  • The method used to prepare the statement
  • Date the Statement was last reviewed

Feedback and Contact Info:

  • A description of, and a link to, a feedback mechanism to report failures to comply with the accessibility requirement
  • Person responsible for processing the feedback

Enforcement Procedure:

  • A description of, and a link to, the enforcement procedure to be used in the case of unsatisfactory responses to any notification or request sent through the feedback mechanism
  • Contact information of the relevant enforcement body