Form field with error not identified

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Text-based alerts that identify the field in error MUST be provided to users for form validation cues and errors.


When form fields that have an error are not identified with a text-based error message people who are blind or have low vision may not be able to understand that an error has occurred and what went wrong. In order to provide feedback that can be accessed by all users, error messages must be provided in a text format. Error messages must indicate which input is in error - either by the text of the error message or programmatically - and the nature of the error. This will allow people to recover from mistakes while filling out a form.

How to Fix

Fix this issue by doing AT LEAST ONE of the following:

  1. Programmatically associate the error message and the field in error - typically using the aria-describedby attribute to reference a unique id attribute value on the error message container. (STRONGLY PREFERRED)
  2. Include the field name in the error message.