Help mechanism is not in a consistent location

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If a web page contains a help mechanism which is repeated on multiple web pages within a set of web pages, the mechanism MUST occur in the same relative order to other page content, unless a change is initiated by the user.


If the location of help mechanisms (such as FAQs, customer support phone numbers, chat, link to a user guide) varies from page to page, people (especially people with cognitive disabilities) may have a difficult time locating help when they need it. When help mechanisms are available, locating them in a consistent location across pages makes it easier for users to find them. Access to help increases people’s chances of success for completing a task.

How to Fix

For pages where a particular help mechanism is provided, make sure that it is in a consistent programmatic location on each of those pages. Programmatic location can be thought of as in the same relative code order within a page area such as the header or footer.