Purpose of link is not clear from link text alone

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The purpose of each link MUST be able to be determined from the link text alone.


When link text does not completely describe the destination of a link, people who are blind, and people with mobility impairments, reading disabilities, and low vision may have more difficulty understanding the purpose of a link so they can decide whether they want to follow the link. In order to sufficiently describe a link's destination the link text must provide a complete description of the destination. Meaningful link text helps people choose which links to follow without requiring complicated strategies to understand the page.

How to Fix

Fix this issue by ensuring the link text by itself conveys the purpose of each link. Link text means: the programmatic link text that can be read by a screen reader. Link text can be: the visible link text, visible link text plus screen reader only text, a text alternative on an image, or link text provided via aria-label or aria-labelledby attributes.