Role="presentation" or "none" is used incorrectly

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role="presentation" or "none" MUST NOT be used to override the semantics of an HTML element when the element requires the semantics for assistive technology.


People who are blind rely on their screen readers to correctly convey the purpose of a web element - such as a table, list, heading, blockquote, etc. Marking an element with role="presentation" or "none" essentially cancels the native HTML semantics / role of the element and turns it into the equivalent of a <span> or <div>, which are neutral, un-semantic elements that convey no role to a screen reader. Note: Adding role="presentation" or "none" does NOT hide the element from anyone. Sighted users will still see it, and blind users will still hear the text, but their screen readers won't announce any kind of semantic role for the text. (An exception is adding role="presentation" "none" to an image will hide it from screen readers.)

Use great caution when using role="presentation" "none" to hide an element's semantics. When HTML elements used correctly, screen reader users are able to correctly understand the purpose of a web element.

How to Fix

Fix this issue by removing role="presentation" or "none" from the element.