Skip link is broken

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A method MUST be provided to skip navigation and other page elements that are repeated across web pages.


In contrast to a sighted person's ability to visually skip past repeated content at the top of a page - such as heading graphics and navigation links - people who are blind must read content sequentially with a screen reader, starting at the top of the page. Similarly, mouse users can click directly on an element in the middle of a page, while keyboard users must tab past all links, buttons, form fields, etc. to get to an element further into a page. To help screen reader and keyboard users bypass content repeated across multiple pages, a mechanism is required - such as a skip link, good heading structure, HTML5 sectioning elements, or ARIA landmarks. This allows screen reader and keyboard users to more efficiently get to the main content of a page.

How to Fix

A skip link is provided to skip navigation and other page elements, but because the functionality is broken. Fix this issue by providing a functional skip link that takes the user to the main content area.