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Layout tables must have a "presentation" or "none" role on the <table> element.


The <table> element is intended to be used to present tabular data, but because it automatically arranges its contents into a grid, developers are sometimes tempted to use it to create a "quick-and-dirty" layout grid for content that is not actually tabular data.

If you do choose to use a table for layout purposes, you must take care to override the inherent semantics of the table or else assistive technologies will treat the layout grid as a data table, which creates an extremely confusing user experience.


Using a <table> element to create a layout grid is an antiquated practice that can easily lead to reading-order issues. It should be avoided unless you have a good reason to do it. Instead, use CSS to create layout grids with more flexibility with fewer potential downsides.

How to Fix

Add a role of "presentation" or "none" to the <table> element.

<table role="presentation">
      <td>Section 1 Title</td>
      <td>Section 1 content ...</td>
      <td>Section 2 Title</td>
      <td>Section 2 content ...</td>

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