Transcript is hard to find

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Prerecorded audio-only content MUST be accompanied by an easily-reachable text transcript.


People who are deaf and deafblind cannot hear the audio of an audio-only content such as a podcast. In order to give people who cannot hear access to the information conveyed by the audio content, it must have an accompanying text transcript. The transcript must include all essential dialogue, identify the speakers, and describe all essential sound effects. People who are deaf can read the text transcript, and people who are deafblind can use a screen reader and refreshable braille reader to read the transcript.

How to Fix

Fix this issue by providing the text transcript in an easy-to-find location (such as directly below the audio or video player) using ONE of the following methods: Method 1: Place the transcript directly on the page with the audio or video player. Method 2: Provide a link to the transcript. Method 3: Provide an interactive transcript, allowing users to access specific places within the video or audio content. Method 4: Provide a link to the transcript within the HTML5 <video> element.