Screen reader user is not warned of timeout

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If there is a session time limit, users MUST be warned before the session ends and MUST be given time to save their data and/or extend the session.


People with disabilities such as blindness, low vision, mobility impairments, and cognitive limitations may require more time to read content or to perform functions such as filling out online forms. If a session has a time limit, it may be difficult or impossible for some users to perform the required action before a time limit occurs. People must have the ability to turn off or extend time limits while interacting with content. Giving people the ability to turn off or extend the time helps ensure that they can complete tasks.

How to Fix

When a timeout warning and mechanism to extend a session are not compatible with screen readers, the requirement is not met.

Fix this issue by moving focus to the session timeout message so it is announced and users can easily and quickly interact with the extension mechanism without having to find it. This can be done for a mechanism that is inserted in the page itself or provided in a modal dialog.