axe DevTools Linter 4.6

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Release notes describing the changes in axe DevTools Linter 4.6

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Release Date: February 1, 2023


axe DevTools Linter 4.6 is updated with the new rules, support for Cauldron React Custom Component Library, and a few bug fixes.

What’s New?

  • New Rules
    axe DevTools Linter 4.6 implements a new rule. For complete details, refer to empty table header.

  • Cauldron React Custom Component Library Support
    Deque’s open-source library of React components called Cauldron React now has full support in axe DevTools Linter. No manual custom component configuration is required, just a single configuration step. More component libraries are coming soon.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a few bugs in axe DevTools Linter.

Known Issues

An axe DevTools Linter Connector 4.6.0 runtime issue (for some customers) is fixed in v4.6.1.