axe DevTools Linter 4.7.3 (August 23, 2023)

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Release notes describing the changes in axe DevTools Linter 4.7.3

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New Feature

  • axe DevTools Linter Connector has a new option: --stdout for redirecting output to standard output (stdout). The following is example output for a file with one accessibility error:

    ::error title=Axe Linter::meta-refresh ( - Ensures <meta http-equiv="refresh"> is not used for delayed refresh,file=./rules/meta-refresh/meta-refresh.html,line=4,endLine=4,col=4,endColumn=59::
    ::debug::Found 1 issues.

Bug Fixes

  • axe DevTools Linter Connector now only writes log entries for files if it's unable to lint them.
  • Fixed a problem with validating API keys that caused linting to fail.

Known Issues