axe DevTools Linter 4.7

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Release notes describing the changes in axe DevTools Linter 4.7

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Release Date: April 26, 2023


axe DevTools Linter 4.7 is updated with the new rules for React Native, support for MUI React Custom Component Library, axe-core 4.7 update, and a few bug fixes.

What’s New?

  • MUI React Custom Component Library Support
    MUI, a comprehensive suite of React UI tools, now has full support in axe DevTools Linter. No manual custom component configuration required, just a single configuration step. More component libraries are coming soon.

  • React Native Support
    Test for accessibility issues in your React Native apps even earlier in the development cycle with axe DevTools Linter. Combine this with automated testing using axe DevTools Mobile to catch more advanced accessibility issues in your apps.

  • Updated axe-core to v4.7.0

Bug Fixes

Several bugs across all axe DevTools Linter packages were fixed in v4.7.

Known Issues

Exclude configuration from axe-linter.yml does not work in VS Code plugin or axe DevTools Linter.