Changing the Default Project Standard

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When you want to change the current default standard for an organization project (regardless of what the organization default setting is), follow this procedure. This controls the ruleset (whether stock or custom) that are used for automated scanning for violation issues.

Custom Standards Note:

The Organization Administrator for the currently-selected Organization Project has the ability to add, modify, or remove Custom Rules that appear in the list of Available Standards in the left section table in addition to the Stock Rule(s). For more information, see Changing the Default Organization Standard.

To change the default standard for the selected project:

  1. In the Default column of the Available Standards table, click the radio button within the desired standard row.
  2. Click the Save Default button.

selecting a desired Default column radio button option, then clicking the Save Default button

The Current Default field changes to display your selection (for example, WCAG 2.1 Level AA), and a 'Change Succeeded' message appears against a green background at the top, left of the page.

success message for changing the default standard />

Future scans set up for this project will now scan against this ruleset standard by default.