Managing General Project Settings

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Project Administrators can edit Project Settings information by selecting the Edit link on the upper right corner of the General Project Settings page.

Edit Project Settings page

The Edit Project Settings page allows Project Administrators to:

  • Edit the Project name.

  • Designate whether or not to Make this project a Favorite.

  • Edit the Project Description.

  • Edit Custom attributes (if any).

  • Add Project Administrators: Select the Add button next to the Administrators box to add Project Administrators. In the resulting modal dialog you can:

    Add Administrators dialog

    • Search for existing users by typing an email address in the Search edit box, OR
    • Select existing users from the Select users box, OR
    • Invite users by typing an email address in the Invite users edit box. When you invite a user, they will receive an email with a link to join axe Monitor. Once they have registered with axe Monitor, they will become a Project Administrator of this Project.
    • Select the Add button to add the new Project Administrators.
  • Remove Project Administrators: Select the user name in the Administrators box and select the Remove button.

  • Determine whether or not Allow read-only report access is enabled.

Select the Save button to save your edits.