Editing General Organization Settings

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Both Organization and System Administrators can edit an Organization's settings.

To edit the General Organization Settings:

The System Administrator's Edit General Organization Settings page

The Edit General Organization Settings or Edit Organization page allows Administrators to:

  • Edit the Organization name
  • Edit the Organization Description
  • The Add Administrators dialogAdd Organization Administrators: Select the Add button to add Organization Administrators. In the resulting modal dialog you can:
    • Search for existing Members by typing an email address in the Search edit box, OR
    • Select existing Members from the Select users box, OR
    • Invite users by typing an email address in the Invite users edit box. When you invite a user, they will receive an email with a link to join axe Monitor. Once they have registered with axe Monitor, they will become an Organization Administrator of this Organization.
    • Select the Add button to add the new Organization Administrator(s).
  • Remove Organization Administrators: Select the Member name in the Members box and select the Remove button.
  • Edit the Primary Email Domain: The email domain determines which email addresses appear in the Suggestions boxes for choosing Members and Administrators throughout axe Monitor.
  • Select which Practices will be available to Projects within the Organization. Users who are Members of an axe Monitor Enterprise Edition instance that includes the Quality practice in addition to the Accessibility practice will have the option of choosing Accessibility, Quality or both.
  • Determine whether or not Allow read-only report access is enabled for Organization and Project data and reports.

Select the Save button to save your edits.