Editing General System Settings

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The Edit System Settings page allows the System Administrator to edit the general system settings.

Edit System Settings page

  • Default session expiration: Choose values between 5 minutes and 60 minutes. Users can modify the default via their Account Settings page.
  • Allow "never expire" option for users session: Choose Yes or No. This option determines whether or not the "never expire" option is available to users when they modify the session expiration time on their Account Settings page.
  • Axe Monitor login page with custom message displayedShow system notification: Choose No or Yes, show this message on the login page. This option will display a custom message in the top of the axe Monitor login screen.
  • Message to show in login screen: Enter a message in the edit box, such as information about scheduled system downtime, reminder of a team meeting, or other important instructions or information.
  • Allow user to self register: Choose Yes or No.

Select the Save button to save the edited settings.