Editing or Deleting a Page Group

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To update or delete a Page Group, select the Page Group name link on the Page Groups page.

Organization-level Update Page Group page

The Update Page Group page allows Organization Administrators to edit the following information:

  • Group Name: A descriptive name for the group.
  • Organization Domain: This drop down menu contains all domains associated with the Organization.
  • Group Criteria: A regular expression that determines whether a page is in the Page Group or not. (The regular expression will denote a piece of text that must be in the URL of the page for the page to be included in the Page Group.) You can add more than one expression by selecting the Add Another Expression button or remove an expression by selecting the Remove button next to an expression. Examples of commonly-used regular expressions are provided at the end of this page.

Select the Update button to save your updates. Axe Monitor will validate the content of the regular expression string. If the regular expression is not valid, the following error message will appear: "Group criteria (Regular Expression) is invalid". Re-enter a valid regular expression and select Update again.

Select the Delete button to delete the Page Group.

Regular expression examples:

  • A Page Group containing the contents of a folder (for example, the contents of the "products" folder as in: www.abc-company.com/products/....): .*\/products\/.*
  • A Page Group containing all instances of a particular file name regardless of the parameters that follow it (for example, .../cart.php?gid=1 and .../cart.php?gid=2, etc): .*\/cart\.php.*