List All Organization Projects

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The Projects page provides all axe Monitor users a list of all Organization Projects of which they are a member and a list of Custom Attributes available to the Organization.

Organization Administrators are also able to create, edit or delete Custom Project Attributes.

Organization Administrator's Project page

Custom Project Attributes

Organization Administrators are able to create Custom Project Attributes that will display with the Project Name and Description in exported reports. Custom attributes apply to all Projects in the Organization. Project Administrators can then enter an appropriate value for the attributes when creating a Project or on the Edit Project Settings page of existing Projects.

To add a Custom Attribute:

  1. Enter an attribute name in the Custom attribute edit box.
  2. Select the Add button.

Select the Edit link to edit an attribute name.

Select the Delete link to delete an attribute.


All axe Monitor users will see a list of all Projects of which they are a Member within the selected Organization. Each Project name is a link. Select a Project name link to view its Project Dashboard.